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seychelles retreatThis unique and warm-hearted wellness retreat is all about YOU – you letting go, you reconnecting, you renewing your spirit.

Divorce is often such an emotional rollercoaster that you can begin to feel like you’ve run out of steam, perhaps exhausted and just plain empty.

Refueling your soul is essential to moving forward in your life. It’s not unusual to get so caught up in the details of your divorce – the paperwork, the back and forth over assets, and in some cases, the hammering out of child custody – that you end up putting yourself on the back burner.

It’s time to put yourself on the front burner! At this retreat, you will walk away with tools that:

  • allow you to feel your feelings – and then let them go
  • teach you to identify when anxiety is taking you over – and how to stop it in its tracks
  • develop your ability to nourish your spirit in ways that work for you and your life
  • create strategies for bringing these tools into your day-to-day life
  • let you take back your power!

japan retreatThis is not a workshop with filled with lectures and powerpoints. This immersive experience is designed to bring you back to yourself, find the hope and courage you need and the power to make it happen! The Recover and Renew Wellness Retreats are experiential and truly unique.

We’re changing your world, together. It starts with you – enriching your mind, nourishing your body and elevating your soul.

Step out of the complexity of your life. Listen deeply to your body, heart, and mind. Focus on you – shifting your perspective, your attitude, direction, confidence, self-love and so much more!

What can you expect?

  • expect to MOVE!
  • expect to connect with yourself
  • expect to connect with others
  • expect to have fun!

bali retreatWe’ll craft days filled with relaxation, rejuvenation, and learning. Taking time to integrate what you learn and reflect on how everything you experience can best improve your life ensures maximum benefit for you.

It’s time for you to experience some fun, some me time, that’s geared towards impacting your life in a real and lasting way.

While you’ve spent considerable time and focus on the job of divorce, you want to be mindful of where you are headed. How can the experiences you’ve had over the past few weeks, months or even years, prove to be valuable for you in the future?

Looking at the lessons of divorce and how they can actually expand your life for the better in the near and distant future is exactly the positive transformation you’ll find at Recover and Renew Wellness Retreats.

  • yoga retreatImmerse yourself in local cultures, steeped in traditions of mindfulness
  • Release your struggle surrounded by a community of women who understand, who support you and whom you can in turn support
  • Elevate your life by incorporating new ways of thinking, literally forming new neural pathways in your brain
  • Reconnect with your body, your self-image in a positive and loving way
  • Begin to imagine who you could be

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is your state of being.

It can drag you down in an endless loop of self-recrimination and doubt, “Why me?” “How could I let this happen?” or it can lift you upward towards the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and are on the verge of grabbing hold of right now. It takes something BIG to change that downward spiral to a positive upward spiral.
Angkor WatStepping out of the day-to-day, seeing new sights, tasting new foods, feeling something “out there” in the world beyond your fingertips – these are all significant ways to jolt you out of that downward spiral and change direction.

Seeing the world through a different lens, finding focus, and crafting YOUR ideal life – that’s what true transformation is all about.

It’s time to build a community of women so strong, so powerful and so brave that we cannot be ignored!

Stop struggling! Start living!

Are you ready to join in?

This is an intimate group is limited to 15 participants to provide the kind of individual attention and connection needed to get the results you want. Come with me and prepare to set your foot on the path to your elevated life! Launching 2017, location TBD. Where would you like to go?

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