Stop struggling NOW

I want to invite you to dream for just a moment. Imagine a life where you are happy, fulfilled, and moving forward with purpose.

You feel calm, relaxed, and confident. Your future is stretched out before you and you feel hopeful and prepared to meet it.

What does that life look like to you? What would that life feel like?

How would you spend your time? What would you be doing? How would you be talking? Who would you be talking to?

All the time you are spending right now being confused, overwhelmed, angry, or sad, trying to figure out what you need to do to survive is now going to be used to build that dream life.

What if you knew all your options and exactly what options you should pursue? What if you had all the right resources and how to best use them to get through your divorce, not in “survival” mode, but in “thriver” mode?

This is real. You CAN have this life. All you have to do is commit to it – and to yourself.

I know what you might be thinking…

Happiness, real joyful happiness, seems like a mirage.

I don’t even know exactly what I want, let alone how to go about obtaining it.

I’m full of anger, disappointment, frustration, just generally pissed off. I don’t even know if I want to get through that.

I can’t even focus on that stuff – I can barely focus on what I need to do, or even what I want to do next.

I don’t see any way around the struggle!

I get it – I was there too, for YEARS! I AM YOU!

My personal experience with marriage and divorce was pretty much a disaster.

Married too young. (19!)

Abusive husband.

Stay at home mom – aka NO MONEY!

Strict religious upbringing which did not condone divorce.

I lived in a combat zone 24/7. Words like, “joyful, fun, secure, safe, happy, confident, fulfilled” were descriptors for other people’s lives; not mine.

I had no idea how to get out of that situation or what my life could be like post-divorce. I had to take a leap of faith and build my parachute on the way down.

It doesn’t have to be like that!

I got sick of being afraid and finally committed to a better life for myself and my kids. I worked out the practical details and got my life back on track. Sort of.

What I realized down the line is that covering the paperwork of divorce is only a portion of the equation to getting the life I wanted. So I set about focusing on my internal world and BAM! I began to get real change!

Finally, that life that I thought was an illusion became my reality.

Shift happens!


From the outside, it actually looked like I had the dream life before I felt like I was living that life. I had gotten married again to a really great guy, my career was going well, I had a nice home, etc.

Inside was a different story. Inside, I was carrying around all the baggage from my divorce and the fallout that it created.

It wasn’t until I recognized the need to address my internal world that I really began to have the life I wanted.

As I began to deal with it, I started to feel the burden lift. I started to look at the things I had and the life I was living with new eyes – grateful, happy eyes.

In short order, my world took on a whole new meaning. I began to feel a fire burning within. It was a passion that I couldn’t contain. A passion for life.

A passion for sharing my hard-earned knowledge with others.

I know that, by combining the practical steps of divorce with the emotional protection and healing of the internal world, you can short-circuit the learning curve – dramatically. 

What does that even look like?

Imagine knowing what your divorce journey is going to look like – what steps you need to take, in what order and the timelines associated with it.

Think about how good it would feel to negotiate with your spouse and not get overly emotional about every little thing?

How amazing would it be to have some tools to keep you focused while dealing with the “job” of divorce while giving space to the emotions, the grieving process, yes even the anger and frustration?

What if you could get to a place where you can let go of the disappointment – in the marriage, in your partner, in yourself – and feel an appreciation for the lessons learned? And from there begin to build the life you are meant to be living?

All of this  – and more – is truly possible. All you have to do is want it, commit to it, and GO FOR IT!

I know if I can do it, so can you.

The big turn around for me really came when I decided to invest in myself. I had been floundering around and feeling dissatisfied with my life. I knew I needed an adjustment and tried lots of things to try to “force” a new attitude.

The trouble is that when you are doing things in isolation, you’re unable to even see your own blockages. Sometimes you get a vague impression of what’s not right, but since you can’t get a really clear picture of it, trying to act on it is pretty impossible.

Once I invested in a high-level workshop series as well as a personal coach, I finally acquired the tools I needed to see, deal with and move beyond the challenges that I just couldn’t recognize on my own.

Within 6 weeks I had a whole new perspective. Within 6 months I had grown skillful at implementing what I had learned and was seeing giant strides in both my personal and professional life.

All this is within your grasp. Are you ready to invest in hope, in yourself, in your future?

Think about it –

In the US, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That’s about 2,400 a day, 16,800 per week, and 876,000 per year.

That means that well over a million people each year are trying to figure this stuff out, with varying degrees of success.

Why not be one of the few that really takes control of their life? Why not be one of the few that holds their head up high and actually learns something about the process and about themselves? Why not be one of the few that doesn’t fall into the statistic of 70% divorce rate among second marriages because you had the

Why not be one of the few that holds their head up high and actually learns something about the process and about themselves? Why not be one of the few that doesn’t fall into the statistic of 70% divorce rate among second marriages because you had the

Why not be one of the few that doesn’t fall into the statistic of the 70% divorce rate among second marriages because you had the foresight to learn about what went wrong so you don’t repeat it?

Why not be one of the few that actually uses their divorce as an opportunity, a bridge, to reconnecting with themselves, to building the life they actually want?

What are you waiting for?

Stop wasting your life! Stop struggling!

I always thought I could go it alone.

I thought the only thing that really mattered was “getting through it”.

I didn’t realize how much negative impact those thoughts had on not just me but also my son, my current husband, my career, my relationships.

I don’t have some special gift. I’m just an ordinary woman who got fed up. Fed up with wasting my time trying but getting nothing in return.

I was just a woman that said, “Enough is enough. I deserve better”.

And I have never looked back.

So let’s do this – together. Let’s figure out what you need to know, create a plan you can act on, and let you grow into the REAL you along the way!

Ready? Let’s go!

I firmly believe that each client is unique, therefore, divorce is unique too. I want you to get what you need in your particular circumstance.

What kind of support do you need?



Are you:

  • Not sure if you want to pursue divorce?
  • Clueless on where to start?
  • Unclear on your financial standing?
  • Panicked because your spouse has told you they want a divorce?
  • In the very beginning stages of divorce?

Or if you:

  • Have determined that divorce is what you need
  • Are in the process of or have already built your divorce support team
  • Want more clarity during the process
  • Are struggling to keep your composure/emotions are taking over
  • Feel guilty/angry/scared (or all and more!)
  • Think your divorce is headed for high conflict
  • Are through or nearly through your divorce
  • Feel lost
  • Cannot recall who your “real” self is
  • Aren’t sure what’s next
  • Think you are stuck
  • Remain numb or feel shellshocked

KNOW, ACT, GROW” is all about getting some answers!

Divorce is no cake-walk!

You want to KNOW if divorce is right for you, understand where you are financially and legally, unravel the mystery of where to start the process, and uncover what you don’t know(yet) but need to.

Even when you have your team in place, you may need some additional players to round it all out. Emotional support is especially crucial right now. You must be able to separate the “job” from the emotions.

Building a plan you can ACT on – and genuinely working with it – is the key to success throughout the actual divorce process.

Marriage was a big part of your identity. Even if you really wanted the divorce, there is a grieving process that must happen.

On the other side of that is your new life.

You just aren’t quite sure what you even want that to look like. You feel relief but uncertainty. You are lighter but empty. You have a vague feeling of excitement intermingled with fear.

Congratulations – you are human! And you are ready to GROW.

Yes, I’m ready to figure this out!

Single Calls

Need a little tune-up? If you:

  • Feel on track but need an occasional touch base to point you in the right direction
  • Simply need referrals from a fully vetted and curated list of divorce support pros
  • Need a thinking partner on a specific challenge

You are a perfect candidate for A LA CARTE services.

You know where you are headed, you’ve done some of the foundational work, you just need a nudge.

Even the most clear-minded, goal oriented, go-for-it personalities will benefit from an objective observation or two to make certain their thinking is sound, realistic, and beneficial.

A la carte is all about giving you the flexibility to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps but use a little bit of a shoehorn to get yourself the rest of the way there.

Get some clarity so you can move ahead with confidence! Make your future yours, no lingering “what ifs” clouding the picture.

Yes, I could really use a sounding board! 

Full Day Session

One and done! Sound like you? If you like:

  • To gather all your info at once
  • To take things and run with it
  • Want exclusive end-to-end guidance

Then VIP is your ticket.

We’ll spend a day focused on where you are right now, what you need to proceed and strategizing your future.

By the end of our time together you will know:

  • Your immediate next steps
  • Who you need on your team (and a curated list of highly vetted referrals)
  • How to create a self-care plan that works for you

I want to jump in all the way!

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