Divorce Strategy is highly effective for supporting you at any stage of your divorce journey. Laura’s coaching is tailored to you and available in several forms to ensure your specific needs are met.


Which level of support is right for you?


1:1 Strategy Sessions

My most popular program is for people ready to move forward with their life! You are the one who has realized that something needs to change and you are ready to take massive action to make it happen.

Our strategy building sessions in will focus on the areas you need support the most. Together we will uncover what you need to know, build a plan you can act on and make sure to care for you in a way that allows you to grow throughout the process.



If you’re looking for a framework to get you started and open to filling in the blanks on your timetable, then a workshop might be the place for you.

Working with a group of people traveling down the divorce path at the same time is a winner in bringing balance, flexibility, and opportunity into your life when your time is short. Interested in finding out more? Click here



Escape for a few days from your daily life to focus on you and how to best cope with your divorce.

The Recover and Renew Wellness Retreat is designed to give you some tools to deal with the emotional rollercoaster, discover and appreciate who you are now, and learn self-care practices that will move you forward.


Still not sure what you need? No worries! We can sort it out together. Let’s talk about it – simply find a time on my calendar and book a call so we can figure out what will meet your needs.

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