therapyHow can Divorce Strategy and Coaching help me?

Divorce strategy and coaching give you the support, guidance and tools you need to successfully navigate your break-up and emerge strong, confident and prepared for your future.

Understand what you need to know, create a blueprint you can act on and grow into the real you!

Laura’s 5 step approach:

number-one-in-a-circle Uncover where you are, where you want to go and what choices are available to you. I meet you where you are in the process, rather you’re trying to make the decision to stay or leave your marriage, in the midst of your divorce or even if you’re already divorced and are struggling to move forward.

number-two-in-a-circle Overwhelm is a common problem when divorcing. Having a strategist by your side will help you determine your best course of action, refer you to the right people to build your support team and help you create and put into practice a plan that is customized for your situation. Keeping a foot in the “real world” while still working through your emotions will allow you to make level-headed decisions that work for you.

number-three-in-a-circle Tools, resources, education, and support are all available to you as you make your way through your divorce journey. Together we build your knowledge, strength, and confidence as you begin to grow towards the life that is waiting for you.

number-four-in-circular-button Learn the true power of self-care! So much emphasis can go towards the process that the possibilities get lost in the shuffle. Rediscover who you are and welcome the gift of the opportunity to be good to yourself.

number-five-in-circular-button Unlock your future by putting some attention on “what’s next” for you. The transition from married to single can go smoothly, putting you in control emotionally and financially.

Ready to learn more? Join me in a free strategy session. Find out what coaching is like, see if it feels like a fit for you.



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