Divorce is a Push Up

Divorce is tough; you’ve got to be tougher!


  • Stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Make the right decisions for you and your family
  • Find strength, dignity, and HOPE
  • Uncover and reconnect with the real YOU




I’m so honored to share some of the insights I’ve gained through the years partnering with divorce professionals, supporting many divorce survivors and thrivers, as well as working through my own high-conflict divorce.

I’ve taken that knowledge and experience and condensed into this easy to understand tool. You’ll come away knowing:


  • What you need to do to “warm up” for the process
  • How you can conquer the tailspin of emotions
  • What to do to strengthen your financial position
  • How to tell your kids and handle the ups and downs of your journey so they stay protected
  • How to take care of yourself – emotionally, physically and spiritually


If you are contemplating divorce or your spouse has said they are leaving, in the midst of the process or struggling to handle your emotionsDivorce is a Push Up was written for you!


It’s time to get strong.

It’s time to get real.

Divorce is about as real as it gets. It’s a marathon.


You’ve got to get strong to get through it!

Athletes don’t win marathons by rolling out of bed, throwing on sneakers and running out the door.

They Prepare. They Plan. They Act. Athletes take care of themselves both physically, and emotionally.

They hire a trainer who knows how to push them, pull out the best in them and forever keeps their goals at the forefront.

This is how people win. In sports. In life. And yes, even in divorce.







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