Laura Aiello

Divorce Strategist & Coach, Author, Speaker, Fitness pro, Entrepreneur, Wife, and Mom. If you're facing, in the midst of, or recovering from divorce, I am here to walk with you along the way. Divorce is AN end, but it's not THE end; it's the opportunity of a lifetime!

Becoming YOU After Divorce

You.  You’re always with yourself so how hard could it be to be yourself? Turns out, post-divorce, it can be pretty hard. Marriage is a major intertwining of lives, as it should be. The trouble is, untangling those lives can easily leave you feeling like half of yourself. And the half…

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The Secret Reward of Sadness

Sadness. We try to avoid it, hide from it, get rid of it, stuff it. Sometimes it works (sort of); sometimes it doesn’t. Sadness and divorce just seem to go hand in hand, along with sadness’s cousins, grief, anger, melancholy, frustration, hopelessness, and sorrow, just to name a few. Nobody…

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