Laura Aiello

Divorce Strategist & Coach, Author, Speaker, Fitness pro, Entrepreneur, Wife, and Mom. If you're facing, in the midst of, or recovering from divorce, I am here to walk with you along the way. Divorce is AN end, but it's not THE end; it's the opportunity of a lifetime!

The Day After D(ivorce)-Day

I have always been a sucker for a good post-apocalyptic story. You know – everything is wiped out, people starting over from scratch with nothing but their wits. Of course, I never thought I would be living the 21st-century version of that, aka DIVORCE. I know I am not alone; thousands…

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The Letting Go Project

All week long I have been talking to people about letting go after (or during!) divorce. What holds people back. What makes it so hard. Why they cannot seem to move on with their lives. Two things emerged time and again.  Grief.  Some people are just at that place. The…

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